The Cost Of Beauty


By Alexa Tieu

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Many women start trying to change their appearance when they're young...

They may wear make up to look older... Or get facials to keep their skin looking young.

But how much can it really cost over the years?

Kara DeBie is a mom, Zumba instructor...and she loves make up.

"I'm a makeup freak so I buy makeup before I even need it and I have a makeup stash," says DeBie.

With every commercial break and many internet sites targeting women, health and beauty care are a hot discussion.

But how much do people really spend on these products and services each year?

DeBie explains, "I'd say $200 a year is doing really well. If you wear it every day. Foundation, blush, mascara and you're replacing it whenever you need it."

"We start anywhere from $35 and go all the way up. We do offer a treatment in the $100 plus range. It just depends. A lot of times, we'll combine treatments to get that best end result," explains Tonja Valdez, Owner/Esthetician, Purity Spa.

Depending on the brand...

Your foundation can cost between $10 and $120.

Blush can be found for $5 to $70.

Mascara can cost between $5 to $70.

Manicures start at $15 and with additions can go all the way up to $100.

A facial ranges from $25 to $100+.

Obviously, the costs can accumulate quickly. But there are several things you can do to save money at home.

"There are all sorts of brands at Target, Wal–Mart, Walgreens...that are just as good as the expensive brands, if you can find them," says DeBie.

Valdez explains, "There are things they can use in the shower because that acts as a home steamer and maybe a little exfoliation in the shower to get some of the dead cells."

Helpful tips to save you some money.

For make–up, if you want to make mascara last, just add a couple of visine eyedrops.

You can also purchase cheap eyeshadow pallets for less than $20 Which can last you more than a year.

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