The Future Of Auger Falls


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) Just over ten years ago, the City of Twin Falls began planning the Auger Falls Park in the Snake River Canyon. That's just west of the city's waste water treatment plant, which will play in important part in proposed wetlands there.

Three and a half years ago, a fire caused by a discarded cigarette burned more than 450 acres in and around Auger Falls Park in the Snake River Canyon.

Since then, volunteers have helped reseed the area with native plants.
And while it's an uphill battle, the City of Twin Falls is ready to take the next step toward building its proposed wetlands here.

"We hope within the next couple of months we'll actually be putting the project out to bid. And we'll be constructing a pipeline from our sewer treatment plant down to the main auger falls site so we can construct our wetlands," adds Lee Glaesemann, Staff Engineer, City of Twin Falls.

The pipeline will carry treated waste water from the treatment plant under the road and part of this twisting, turning, narrow road will be widened slightly.

Glaesemann, the pipeline is going to be run down the middle of the road. With the large equipment and the size of the trench, it's going to be really dangerous for the public to be down there. So we're going to have to close the road during construction. For the better part of the summer, we're going to have to close the park just for public safety."

This part of the project is from the concept plan that city staff members put together between 2004 and 2006.

Glaesemann says it's taken several years for the city to jump through all of the federal government's hoops before they could begin the actual work.

We hope to have construction completed by the end of the summer, at least for the main pipeline itself. The actual wetlands will probably be in the fall or the following spring when we do that.

To sum up, Auger Falls Park will be closed this summer while they install the wetland pipeline under the road there, but construction on the wetlands could begin either this fall or next spring.

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