The Importance Of Lockdown Drills


By Brittany Cooper

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Preparing for an active shooter situation at a school is nothing to be taken lightly.

For the past year, the Cassia County Sheriff's Department has been training and conducting lockdown drills at schools within the district.

"By practicing these drills, we're hoping that in the event, if we have an actual shooter situation, everyone will be prepared and we'll get our school locked down quickly," Cassia County Sheriff Jay Heward explains.

"It can happen anywhere; that's the disheartening part of it. Typically, if you look around the nation, the mass school shootings happen at smaller schools, smaller towns; no one is immune. Our goal isn't to scare anybody or cause problems that way, but we just need to be prepared," adds Steve Copmann, Burley Junior High School principal.

Teachers and staff are instructed to keep all classroom windows and doors locked. They also must follow a strict security protocol.

Students have to be out of sight, in the corner and very quiet.

"I think this time the kids knew what to expect, what to do. They take it seriously and did a good job," Jachelle Lowe says.

Lowe, a teacher at Burley, is pleased with the Sheriff Department's advice.

"They've been helpful. They've come by my classroom and told me where to put kids. That's been a great help," she says.

It's not uncommon to find armed officers frequenting the schools on a normal day.

"Our detectives have been coming in and out of our schools every day. Our school resources officers have been coming in and out of our schools every day. Sometimes our command staff are in and out of the staff," Heward explains.

School staff members also wear name badges... just another step towards a safer environment.

The Sheriff's Department conducts lockdown drills at all 15 schools in the district, plus the tech center.

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