The Week Ahead In The Idaho Statehouse


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

State lawmakers look ahead to the upcoming week in the Statehouse.
A busy week ahead for lawmakers in issues regarding transportation, education, and city beautification.

One bill presented to the transportation committee Thursday by truckers in hopes to increase infrastructure.

Clark Kauffman, a Representative of District 25, notes, "they are willing to tax themselves to increase the fuel tax two cents per gallon per year for 3 years so a 6 cent increase there."

One worry is delay of maintenance causing the cost of goods to increase, therefore lowering competiveness in the market.

Another bill deals with education in an attempt to follow the recommendations of the governor's task force.

Lance Clow, a representative of Distrct 24, adds, "we've been working on a bill to place 16 million dollars to place into teacher compensation for leader ship roles. There's a definition of leadership and we're creating a list of 6 or 7 items that teachers can identify additional leadership, instruction time."

The bill, now in its draft stage, will give additional compensation to teachers for taking on more responsibility.

Yet another focuses on city beautification.

Says Clow, “in my local government committee there was a bill approved to go to print to look at the land use planning act and try to offer some amendments that makes some of the requirements that appear to be mandatory about the beautification of a county.”

The bill will aim to relax standards and help builders better understand restrictions before they take on the task of designing a building.

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