Twin Falls Canal Company: A Week After The Storm


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) It's been one week since the storm that rocked Twin Falls and the Magic Valley.

With flooding impacting not only the city of Twin Falls, the canal companies were also busy.

In this week's segment of Grow Southern Idaho.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News takes a look at just what the Twin Falls Canal Company went through that day.

And the pros and cons behind the 100 year storm.

"I feel bad because I prayed for rain all summer and I didn't mean to have that powerful of connection I guess."

Over 4 inches of rain in a two days.

For local residents, last week’s storm was something never seen before.

And for the Twin Falls Canal Company, it was the same story.

"When you get a flood like that, we can't take the flood and move it somewhere else. We have to try and control the flood in each individual drainage... but it all basically has to go where is historically has or you just make a worse problem somewhere else."
Said Brian Olmstead, Manager of the Twin Falls Canal Company.

Canal company crews spent the early morning and all day cutting the drainage from the high water spots around the area.

Making user that none of the canals and coolies were overwhelmed.

As for some of the farmers in the area, the rain did much more harm than good.

"It was too much and it came too late. It was really bad for the barley crop and the wheat crop and farmers that had the hay down... it was a disaster. Financially it was a big loss."
Said, Olmstead.

Some good did come out of last week's heavy rain...

With drought gripping tight on the region all summer.

The over 4 inches of rain played a big part in water levels across the area.

"That's the one real good thing from this storm. It really reduced demand and so we've saved thousands and thousands of acre feet that will be in the reservoirs this winter. We're going to carry over probably 50,000 more acre feet then we would have... and that's a lot of water."
Said Olmstead.

A mixed bag of feelings.

Too much water for the crops this year, but a good start to the water levels for the 2015 growing season.

Other canal companies around the area also experienced much of the same as twin falls canal.

As for salmon river canal company, their stakeholders water was tuned off in july... Due to low water levels.

But even with the amount of rain we saw, their water will continue to be turned off.

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