Twin Falls City Staff Pleased With Audit Results


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The City of Twin Falls audit is available for viewing. The document is nearly 100 pages long, completed by an outside agency.

Lorie Race is the Chief Financial Officer for the City of Twin Falls. As Race explains, the city's financial health is solid and that's been a tradition.

"I really think it's a continuation from where we have been, if you go back and historically look at our audits, they're pretty much on track and say the same thing, year after year, that we're in good, strong financial position. That we're accounting for things accurately in accordance with GAP," adds Race.

City Manager Travis Rothweiler refers to the audit as a conservative approach to spending the citizens money.

Rothweiler explains, "there are areas where we intentionally use cash reserves to compete long–term capital projects that have been on the list for years, some of those were to assist with Chobani, some of those were to assist in other areas of infrastructure."

In the words of Rothweiler, the budget is a plan, the audit is an accomplishment of final results.

"That budgeting process really describes how are we going to allocate resources, the different types of activities and services that we want to offer to our citizens," add Rothweiler.

Following procedure leads towards accountability of the citizens' dollars.

The audit is available for viewing on the city's website.

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