Twin Falls Congressional Debate


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The campaign for the Idaho Second Congressional District seat in Congress made its way to Twin Falls this last Friday.

Incumbent Mike Simpson and his challenger Bryan Smith sat down at Canyon Ridge High School of one of two debates taking place before the May 20th election.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News was at the debate and caught up with the two candidates after the action settled down.

The race between Mike Simpson and Bryan Smith is heating up state-wide.

“I think it went fine, I think I was able to make the points of view I wanted to make… and I was able to respond to some of the outlandish comments and statements he’s been making in his campaign over the last almost year.”
Said Congressman Mike Simpson.

“I thought the debate was excellent forum for Congressman Simpson and I to get on the stage together and people could look at us side-by-side and judge our conflicting views of how we ought to move forward in the United States.”
Said Challenger Bryan Smith.

Over the past few months a series of ads have aired across the state.

I took the opportunity to specifically asked the candidates about the so-called “attack ads”.

And the reasoning behind them.

“All I’m doing is pointing to his record. And I can assure you, when we point to his record… its verifiable… it’s in the roll call votes… people can look it up and there is no question it is accurate.”
Said Smith

“Bryan and his DC groups that support his are out saying things that are basically such a distortion of the truth… or just flat aren’t the truth…. And Bryan repeats them and you know, I’m going to respond to that.”
Said Simpson

“I’ve always said that something that can’t go on forever wont… we cannot continue borrowing and spending like we have and expect to have a good outcome.”
said Smith.

“He’s going with a strategy that if you say something long enough and often enough some people are going to believe it… and so he keeps saying that. I will tell ya, when I show my friends in Washington DC some of the stuff he’s saying… they almost start laughing because everyone in Washington knows that I’m a conservative… I’ve been a conservative my whole life. my voting record shows that as does the support of the conservative organizations that are supporting me.”
said Simpson

With election day set for may 20th.

In the spirit of the debate … i gave both candidates the opportunity for a closing statements.

“It’s been the greatest honor of my life representing Idaho Second Congressional District in Congress and I’ve done a job I believe they can be proud of… and a conservative job. Because that’s who I am… that’s what they can expect if they re-elect me on May 20th.”

“If you’re happy with how things have gone in Washington. If you want things to continue the same way then go ahead and vote for a carrier politician. If you want something different… if you want to get our spending under control then vote for me.”

Two men fighting for what they believe is what’s best for their state and county.

But in the end… it’s up to the voters to make the decision.

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