Twin Falls: First Day Of School


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Twin Falls School District opened their doors this morning for the start of the new school year.

With close to 9,000 students making their way to class, the traffic on the roadways is a major concern.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News tells us how the first day went.

And what parent and student drivers should be looking out for when on their way to class.

The Twin Falls School District and the Twin Falls Police Department team up every year to make sure all of the students get to where they need to be, and they get there in one piece.

And keeping an eye on the traffic that envelops these school zones is a big part of that puzzle.

"The first day of school we traditionally see quite a bit more vehicle traffic around our schools as parents like to take their kids to school on the first day."

The Twin Falls School District has 13 schools at or near capacity.

In total, almost 9,000 students make up the district.

And every day, those students have to get from their homes... Safely to the classrooms.

With most of the concern centered around the 7 elementary schools.

"You're seeing more traffic around our elementary schools. That's going to probably be that way at least until 2016 when we open our two new schools. So parents need to be aware that there is going to be more traffic around our schools."
Said Brady Dickinson from the Twin Falls School District.

Every year, the number one concern for the district is a simple one... Congestion.

"The biggest problem is congestion around the schools, just before school and after school."

"We have kids that are walking to school... crossing the street... everybody is getting used to a new routine."
Said Staff Sergeant Dennis Pullin from the Twin Falls Police Department.

"People just need to make sure that they budget extra time and not be in a big hurry."

For years the Twin Falls Schools District and the Police Department have relied on one another to make these zones as safe as possible.

"The School District and the Police Department work very closely together. They let us know when they're having issues around one of our sites and we communicate back with them when we're seeing issues as well. We really do look at it as a partnership."
Said Dickinson.

"Just be aware that there are school zones... they'll be heavily enforced by local law enforcement... and there will be a lot of kids walking to school."
Said Pullin.

Keeping the youth of Twin Falls safe on their way to school…

So that the future leaders of tomorrow can have the best education today.

Another concern for the district is speeding in a school zone.

Unless otherwise posted, all school zones are clearly posted with a 20 MPH speed limit.

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