Twin Falls School District Takes Over Private School Lunch Program


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) St. Edward's Catholic School is transitioning into a new lunch program.

The Twin Falls school district is taking on the school's lunch responsibilities.

Students will be seeing new lunches at St. Edward's Catholic School.

The Twin Falls School District is managing the program as of Thursday.

"We managed to have St. Edward's come under the Twin Falls Public Schools because we are a federal food program; we sent our federal food dollars to Twin Falls” said Allie Pelayo Principal, St. Edwards Catholic School.

The good news for parents, lunch prices will decrease.

Currently meals are $2.40 once the district moves in, the prices will drop to $2.15.

"It's more of a community effort; I'm really excited about us helping them out so hopefully everything goes well” said Susan Henderson Nutrition Supervisor, Twin Falls School District.

"We will begin a free breakfast starting November 1st and that is one of the things the kids are excited about, I feel that we will serve a lot more when we have the free breakfast” said Allie Pelayo Principal, St. Edwards Catholic School.

A program that has parents and students excited and a school district expanding its opportunities.

The program switch will not cost the school or the district any additional money.

All food funds have been transferred over to the district.

Three of St. Edward’s lunch employees will now fall under the school districts payroll.

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