Remains Of Missing Canadian Man Found in Elko, NV


By Michelle Bartlome

Elko, Nevada (KMVT-TV) - It's a bitter sweet moment for a Canadian family.

The remains of a man who went missing last year were found by a pair of hunters over the weekend.

The Elko County Sheriff's Office confirms they found the remains of Albert Chretien.

The body was located near Merritt Mountain in a heavily wooded area in northern Elko County.

"It feels really good to actually be able to find Mr. Chretien and give the family some closure,” said Detective Carpenter, Elko County Sheriff’s Office.

Closure after more than a year and a half.

"It was very frustrating. I've been on Search and Rescue since 1999 and I had a lot of successful finds and it was frustrating more so for the families when we are not successful," said Deputy Dave Prall, Elko County Sheriff’s Office.

On Saturday, the Elko County Sheriff's Office received a call from two local hunters saying they found human remains.

"It was pretty well intact,” said Detective Carpenter.

Detectives found personal business cards in the body's pockets, allowing them to identify it as Albert Chretien's.

Elko County is more than 17,000 square miles. It's rough terrain like this that didn't help the search.

"This area is so rugged and vast and far from a city that Americans can't grasp it until you visit the area. The area was thick forest. Even at noon, there was sunlight. 10 feet of snow when Albert made his journey. We found him near a large tree, it's possible he took shelter and passed away due to exposure,” said Deputy Prall.

During his journey, Chretien walked nine miles.

Although the family will never know the whole story of what happened, at least this gives them a part of it.

The GPS unit that Albert took with him when he left the car after it got stuck was not found on him. Detectives believe the batteries died and it was then useless.

Detectives also said they did not see any marks from an animal attack on the body.

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