Utilities Scam Hitting The City Of Burley


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

The scam is targeting utility users inside Burley city limits.

Some residents have received calls saying that they need to pay a price for the installation of new water and electricity meters.

And according to the city of Burley, they are installing new meters, but at no charge to residents.

"We determined it was a scam right off the bat so we notified everybody."

The first report came in on around December 16th.

The caller, pretending to be from the city of Burley, told a handful of residents that the city is installing new water and electricity meters and that a fee needed to paid.

"And they needed to pay an amount for the meters... 231–dollars. They should go get a cash card and call them back and give them the cash card number so they could have the meter installed," notes Burley City Administrator, Mark Mitton.

And that's where the confusion is...

The city is installing new meters, but at no charge to the general public.

Said Mitton, "There's no charge for the meters to the residents, it's a budgeted by the city of burley... and we'll be changing them out over the next 3 years."

If you do receive one of these unusual calls you should quickly hang up and contact the Cassia County Sheriff's Office.

Cassia County Sheriff Jay Heward adds, "The city already has everybody's telephone number... the city already has everybody's addresses. So somebody calling shouldn't be asking for an address or telephone number because the city would already have it. if you feel like you're being scammed... call the sheriff's office or contact the city of burley water department."

Sheriff Heward also says don't give out any information that a scammer could use to steal your identity.

Says Heward, "Don’t give out your date of birth...don't give out anything to do with bank cards or credit cards... don't give out bank account numbers... anything like that."

Protecting yourself from the scamming Grinch this holiday season.

If you do receive one of these calls you should contact the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office at 878–1107.

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