Valley School Band Receives National Recognition


By Ben Lyda

Hazelton, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Earlier this year the Valley school band was approached by a national magazine, School Band and Orchestra, looking for answers.

"We had nothing here for the longest time and they got really inspired when they heard about how a school district, a rural school district decided hey, let's try to bring back electives that have been lost, and they did and now our music program is thriving, it's growing and with the help of community and the great faculty and the great students, it's really brought and breathed wonderful life into this program”, said Robbie Hanchey the schools music instructor.

The program would not be possible if not for the support of the local community donating time and money.

"We do have to deal with stuff like budget issues. A lot of the programs that they have been able to do is through fund raising or community contributions”, said Hanchey

Fund raising that's an ongoing process.

"Right now we're trying to do some fundraising and looking for some help in getting pep band, or marching band percussion, because right now we use buckets”, said Hanchey

With the success of the music program at valley high school it is becoming more popular.

"Each year we get more and more coming in through the sixth grade, and the quality of the people in band and what the school sees of us. At the games we have more life there, at homecoming last year we were one of the big parts there”, said Gaberiel Meyer, trumpet player

"A rural music program can work, it can be an awesome and wonderful thing and it can change kids lives dramatically. I'm not sure what they would do if they didn't have music, they love it so much”, said Hanchey

A love strong enough to keep this band playing

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