Vandalism: Local Neighborhood Fights Back


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) One neighborhood in Twin Falls is taking a united stand.

This is after vandals wrecked havoc on entry signs and personal property.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News takes a look at the damage.

And spoke with the Home Owners Association to find out just what was done.

"All of the destruction happened after midnight because we have it on surveillance."

Morning Sun is a large sub–division on the eastern edge of the Twin Falls city limits.

A few weeks back, teenage vandals began to target the quiet community.

Destroying property by smashing in mail boxes, hammering down fences and taking out light fixtures.

But that's not the worst of it all.

"They had drano–bombs, they made... throwing them in peoples yards they exploded immediately and it kills the grass. They took out some mailboxes on morning sun drive and on up the street. It was a very bad weekend for up. "
Said Stan Visser, President of the Morning Sun HOA.

Drano–bombs are a homemade explosive device.

Containing a drain cleaning chemical mixed with a reactor in a plastic bottle.

Stan Visser is the president of HOA for the morning sun sub–division.

He says vandalism isn't a new thing.

"It was bad this time... somebody evil did this."
Siad Visser.

Visser believes that the culprits are teens.

To catch the criminals, they've gone to the police.

"We're working with the police department. They have been really good... they responded, we've got some good leads that they are working with. We're very happy with the response and how this is progressing because for someone to do this kind of damage... you wonder what else they have done that they haven't been caught for."
Said Visser.

A crime of opportunity for the criminals.

And a sign of disrespect and headaches for the home owners.

The price of the damage is estimated at about $4,000

If you have any information on these individuals.

Contact the Twin Falls non–emergency hotline at 735–4357

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