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Vehicle Burglaries: Crimes Of Opportunity


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Thanksgiving... a day when Americans reflect on what they're thankful for.

But on Thanksgiving morning, Twin Falls Police investigated a report of attempted vehicle burglaries... making it a very common crime of opportunity this time of year.

5:40 a.m. Fourth Avenue North and Eden Street.

Twin Falls Police get a call of attempted vehicle burglaries... and set up a perimeter around the area.

They apprehend one of the suspects... which is a teenage boy... meanwhile, the other teen turns himself in.

While these burglaries are under investigation, there could be more victims.

"We are asking anyone who was burglarized on Thursday that they step forward and maybe talk to our police officers about it. We have not filed any charges yet because one of the victims that we have identified did not want to file any charges against the two juvenile males," says Josh Palmer, City of Twin Falls spokesman.

In certain situations, vehicle burglaries are almost a preventable crime... keep your items hidden and your vehicle locked.

"Typically what we see are citizens that are doing their holiday shopping, they often leave out their holiday gifts in their cars, maybe for what they think is a brief moment, and they may go back into the store or house, and during that brief moment, is when a time of what we call a crime of opportunity where people will take advantage of that situation, possibly burglarize a vehicle to get those holiday gifts," Palmer explains.

Palmer adds don't be surprised if you see more patrol in the area to keep citizens safe in their homes...

However, it's a two-way street.

"We do ask citizens take some precautionary measures, even if it's for a brief moment of time, if they can take their belongings out of their vehicles, or they can put them in their trunk, some place where it's not visible to those burglars out there," Palmer says.

Sending gifts this holiday season... not filing police reports

Some helpful tips... park in well-lit areas, remove your garage door opener and use anti-theft devices.

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