Voters Asked To Decide On Twin Falls School District Supplemental Levy


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The Twin Falls school district will be asking the public to pass a two year supplemental levy on March 12th. The current levy is seven point five million over two years. The district is asking for nine million over two years.

The school district is asking voters to renew the levy. If the levy doesn't pass, the school district will be forced to look at possibly cutting some programs.

Julie Delia is a fifth grade teacher at Oregon Trail elementary. During her time teaching at the school, she's seen budget cuts impact the education her students receive.

"A couple years ago when we did not have the funding from the state that we have and we lost 10 plus days, some of those were teacher days, some of those were student days. Those of who had been teaching for a number of years really saw an impact,” said Julia Delia.

Cuts from the state caused the Twin Falls school district to look for alternative ways to make up for the lost funding.

"There recommendation to the Twin Falls School Board was a 9 million dollar levy for two years. So it would be four and a half million for each of the next two years. That represents about ten percent of our budget," said Wiley Dobbs, Twin Falls Superintendent.

While the supplemental levy is to keep things status quo here in the Twin Falls School District, if the levy doesn't get passed, some programs could be cut.

"Now other things that we could look at would be reduction in activity, funding in activities. Maybe more pay to play. I know that parents do pay a certain amount now, but nowhere need where the cost incurred are," said Wiley Dobbs.

The school district doesn't want to cut any programs, believing extracurricular programs are beneficial.

"Anytime you have any programs that benefits lots of kids, you know to cut those programs, those are the programs that make the kid a whole person. And you never want to cut those important programs that those kids might really be interested in, that might really be exciting,"

The future of the school district is now in the hands of voters.

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