Voting takes a big step forward in and around Rupert


By Jay Michaels

RUPERT, ID (KMVT) Last fall, Minidoka County bought 12 M100 precinct scanner voting machines for about $70,000. That's enough for the eleven voting precincts with one backup machine.

Minidoka County Clerk Patty Temple says, "Voting practice in Minidoka County prior to this was the punch cards, where you just go in and punch it, and line it up, and hopefully you hit the right punch."

Voters in many counties already use "fill in the oval" ballots and optical scanners. Temple says the new machines will help save hours of time for poll workers and her staff members.

Temple says, "After everyone's voted, we'll just turn a switch, and the machine will count our votes for us, and we will have the results for each precinct. And then those results will be brought back to the courthouse and tabulated."

Temple's staff members were trained on the new machines, and she says they're very impressed with the M100s. Temple says using the new vote counting machines is very simple, straightforward, and user friendly. So it should be fairly simple for voters to adjust to this leap forward in technology.

"Ever since I voted it's been punch cards. So it will be a new learning experience for everyone, but I'm hopeful that it will be a move that everyone will appreciate."

Feb. 9, 2012.

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