Washing Your Car Conservatively


By Nikki Kay

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) It was a season that began with insufficient reservoir levels.

With that in mind, making your car shine could be an unnecessary luxury in times of potential drought.

It seems almost criminal to use gallons of water washing your car with recent reservoir supply concerns.

But, before your eco conscience drives you to washing your car at home, think again.

Where do you use more water?

Your driveway or a car wash?

"If you're washing it at home, you probably have to go over three, four times; we use a high pressure hose so it rinses off quick," explains Tyrell Goff, Tony’s 2T Auto.

A household hose spits out about 10 gallons of water every minute.

"At home, it takes probably about thirty minutes to wash your car; here you can run it through the tunnel and it takes about five or six minutes," Goff points out.

Once upon a time washes used up to a hundred gallons of water on one car.

Now it's a different story,

"We actually recycle all our water and it goes through a system, and it does that several times, and we do that here,” Goff says.

The car washes of today, saving water when we need it most.

In early February the Twin Falls Canal Company cited low reservoir levels as a cause for concern.

By March, the water levels showed promise of sufficient storage.

This, meaning water restrictions would no longer be such a serious threat.

For more information on water levels, visit tf.canal.com.

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