Water & Snow Pack Levels Looking Good


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Every month or two we like to check in with the Twin Falls Canal Company and get an outlook on water levels.

In this weeks segment of Grow Southern Idaho.

Joey Martin for Idaho's First News does just that.

Back in early February, the snow pack and reservoir levels were a serious cause for concern.

With snow pack levels being at only around 80 %, the chances of water restrictions was a possibility.

We fast forward to today...

After over a month of continued precipitation, the outlook has changes... In a big way.

"Now we are at about 137% on the Upper Snake. Which it's not the end of the year yet, but that is... for this time of the year... a lot of water. And I think even more then we got last year to tell you the truth."
Said Brian Olmstead, General Manager of the Twin Falls Canal Company.

With snow pack levels being so high, what does that mean for the storage basins and reservoirs?

"We were looking at a real short supply in late summer the last time I talked to you. I don't think that's going to happen now... I know well have a real good supply early, I'm pretty confident that well fill the Twin Falls Canal company storage... Jackson Lake and American Falls, our storage will fill."
Said Olmstead.

Now although the levels are looking good.

Conserving water by planting grains will help if the summer season turns out to be hot and dry.

"The spring flows are not as good as they've historically been. And after the snows all melted we rely on. I know what the storage is going to be... we don't know how hot the weather is going to be or how those springs are going to flow. So it could still be al little tight later in the summer. Its always a good recommendation to keep a good part of your farm in grain so you can continue to irrigate fully late in the summer."
Said Olmstead.

An excellent water outlook for the spring equals a bountiful harvest in the fall.

For more information on snow pack and water levels.

You can log onto the Twin Falls Canal Company website at…


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