Water Resources Topic In Twin Falls Canal Company Annual Meeting


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

2013 was a good year for the Twin Falls Canal Company and the farmers they affect, but today's meeting was all about looking ahead to the future.

Dating back to 1905, shareholders have attended a yearly meeting to find out what the Canal Company did during the year.
A top concern is finding out about the water supply and what that means for crops.

Brian Olmstead, general manager of the canal company, says, "the farmers have had 3 good years in a row, and that's pretty impressive. Usually farming is a roller coaster business, make some, lose it. The last three years have been very profitable.”

Roger Blass, director of Twin Falls Canal Company, adds, "the past year the canal company has done an excellent job on deliveries. Starting out, we thought we were going to be short. Everyone ended up with an adequate profitable year in 2013."

For farmers, sunny, mild temperatures in January are not ideal as they rely heavily on snowfall to produce water.

Says Olmstead, “it’s a start on water season but it’s a tough forecast at this point so we have to stay in touch with them through the spring.”
Blass adds, “if the water situation doesn't improve the shareholders need to look at some short term crops and that allows them to shut the water off in July.”

Despite a projected tougher forecast in 2014, the Canal Company makes it clear that little will change.

Says Blass, “a farmer is always optimistic. Look forward to a good year but if it doesn't happen we'll just have to get by on what we can.”
A sunny outlook while hoping for rain.

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