Wendell Family Says, Dog Was Stolen From Backyard


By Andrew Reed

Wendell, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Concerned dog owners throughout the magic valley are reporting to local animal shelters that their animals are being stolen from their backyards.

"Something weird is going on around here and it needs to be taken care of,” said Kari Cutler, dog owner.

Kari Cutler and her family have two dogs, a month ago they had three.

His name is Deegan, a St. Bernard who went missing in February.

"I think someone took him, you don't see St. Bernard's a lot. I don't know if they took him for fighting reasons or just because they saw him and liked him and he was just missing all of a sudden. Are dogs have never gone missing” said Cutler.

The Wendell Animal Shelter said, more dogs than usual have been reported missing within the last few months, residents believe the animals are being stolen.

"I've heard dogs have been missing even when they're chained up or fenced in. I don't know what to do than keep them inside” said Cutler.

The family believes Deegan was stolen around midnight just two days before his first birthday.

“He has been missing a month I don't have a whole lot of hope, I still hope that he will come back” said Cutler.

An animal that isn't just a dog, but a family member.

We went on craigslist dot com and came across a number of dogs that have gone missing within the last two months.

We also contacted local police departments who say no dogs have been reported stolen in the area.

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