Wendell Responds To BB Gun Shooting At School


By Brittany Cooper

Wendell, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) What was supposed to be a group of friends playing in a school parking lot, ended with a teenage boy in handcuffs. A 17–year old Wendell student allegedly brought a BB gun to school on Tuesday, shooting at students. Although no one was injured, it's a matter that's not being taken lightly.

"The intent was to have fun," says Greg Lowe, Wendell School District Superintendent.

Fun isn't the word many would describe what happened Tuesday afternoon at Wendell High School. A student brought a bb gun to school and officials took action.

Lowe adds, "we followed district policy to the letter of the law with the weapons policy."

The alleged incident happened in the school parking lot during the lunch hour. School officials tell me they acted promptly, securing the scene and confiscating the BB gun.

"Our high school principal was alerted that there was playing going on out in the parking lot regarding some sort of play gun, the students were brought in and interviews, several students were brought it and interviewed and found out what took place," says the superintendent.

Sgt. Jeff Lenker, Wendell Police Department says, "this individual, we've had dealings with in the past. Nothing criminal, just poor decision making.

On Wednesday, Sgt. Lenker found out this isn't the only time the student brought a gun on campus.

"This same individual was involved with this issue on friday after school on school property and ...we don't know if he was discharging the bb gun," adds Lenker.

The Wendell community isn't taking the matter lightly.
Lenker says, "any weapon on school should be taken seriously especially if you're going to be pointing at someone and shooting it."

We spoke to a Wendell High School parent, she didn't want to be identified, but did share some concerns.

"Nobody was ever notified about it, anything even happening at the school, half the kids didn't even know and parents weren't told, even through a mass email that there was a small incident at school with a bb gun, this was done and the kids are fine."

The teenage shooting suspect was set to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon. He faces possession of a firearm on school property, discharging a firearm in city limits as well as shooting at others without injury.

We don't know what type of disciplinary actions will be taken once he's released from custody.

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