Wendell School District Discusses Next Step After Failed Bond


By KMVT News

Wendell, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

Board Chairperson Gay Peterson explains, "We were very disappointed and I noticed today that only 26 percent of our patrons voted and that's sad because this is something that's very important."

A 3.1 million dollar obligation bond failing to get the necessary votes to pass.

Now, the Wendell school district is trying to figure out how to make repairs to the schools.

Superintendent of schools Greg Lowe notes, "It's going to be very difficult because we don't want to lose a structure and we want our facilities to be maintained."

One worry at the top of the list is roof corrosion in the high school gym.

Says Peterson, "the gym is in very bad condition and we've been patching it for years. Because of the state money being cut off we don't have the resources necessary.”

Other problems include potholes in the parking lot and a leak in the water heater.

Lowe notes, "It's over 20 years old, it has to be replaced, but there are some things that need regular maintenance that haven't been done."

Officials make it clear that the current problems are not going away.

Petersen adds, "We want the public to understand this is something that's not frivolous, it's very necessary. We are interested in the children's welfare, and nothing else."

Looking for solutions, to a growing problem.

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