What To Do When It's All Closed?


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The weeks leading up to Christmas are what some would call... pure crazy.

That's why when the big day finally gets here most families take it as an opportunity to have a nice quite evening at home.

But one tradition that seems to gain ground every year has more and more families ditching the cookies and Christmas trees, and picking up the tickets and popcorn.

When most businesses are closed down for the Christmas holiday, movie theaters across the country are packed full of families looking to escape the holiday cheer and take in the most recent Hollywood blockbuster.

"They’re excited to be here. They want to enjoy something fun. And traditional is... you know, you don't have to follow traditional all the time, you can also step out of the box." Said Cinema 13 Employee, Kim Brodin

"It’s really nice seeing all of the little kids running around and enjoying their Christmas and getting to have family time with their parents and everything." Said Michaela Cox, Cinema 13 employee

Now while most families opted out for the easy fall back of a well-heated, state of the art Movie Theater.

Other families still felt the need to shake it up even more and took to the links.

The Frisbee golf links that is...

“Cuz it’s a beautiful day… this umm.. you gotta get out and do something, you just can’t sit in a house and vegetate all day.” Said Richard Toothman, local “Frolfing” dad.

The Toothman family out of Twin Fall saw Christmas day as a prime chance to get in one more round of "frolf" before the snow starts to fall in the Valley.

Families all across the valley took a note from the Toothmans' page and spent the evening walking the canyon rim and enjoying local parks.

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