Who Lives Longer, Women or men?


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Women have a better chance of living to be at least 100-years-old than men do.

That’s according to a new report by the U.S. census bureau.

The census counted more than 53-thousand Americans age 100 and older, they were overwhelmingly female.

For every 100 women, there were only 20 men, that's 80-percent.

"Even though women have more of a complex hormonal physicality than men do, they see doctors more often than when problems arise they get them taken care of them quicker than and consequently live longer and men don't recognize that things are deteriorating and up dying because they don't get the care they need" said Dr. Laurence Hicks, Falls Centre for functional medicine.

But, the statistics also revealed that getting to 100 isn't an easy as you think.

Fewer than two people out of ten-thousand will make it to that old age.

"Genetically we know that women throughout the centuries just out live men, why I have no idea. Men maybe had more strenuous work lives maybe they did not have as well developed social networks, as a lot of men had their work and a lot of women had more social networks with family and other girlfriends” said Jim Fields Director, office on aging.

The census found the majority of women were whites who lived in urban areas, race and ethnicity were also factors.

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