Wild About Monkeys


By Joey Martin

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Every year the Twin Falls County Fair tries to bring in something new and exciting for fair–goers.

And this year, over on the free stage, the fair decided to go a little bananas and brought in a new show called wild about monkeys.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News tells us all about Wild For Monkeys.

Wild About Monkeys is a show this gives local fair–goers a chance to see some they've never seen before.

And one of these monkeys is even a Hollywood star in his own right.

3 times a day, Kevin Keith and his band of marry monkeys hit the stage and wow crowds out here at the Twin Falls County Fair.

And for the fair, it's a new show, never before seen in the area.

"We try to bring in something that a lot of time people haven't seen. Like the gators a few years ago, the bears, the lions... that type of thing. And obviously you don't see a lot of monkeys around this part of the country"
Said Fair Manager, john Pitz

Kevin and his animal family have accumulated an impressive list of credits that include titles from feature films, television, commercials and of course live animal productions.

And the star of the show is this guy right here... This is Mickey.

You might notice him if you have ever seen the feature film *Rock of Ages* starring Tom Cruise.

So Mickey, how does being here in filer compare to the bright lights of Hollywood?

(slaps Microphone away)

Even if Mickey has been a little jaded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Performing in wild about monkeys is his passion.

"You know why?... baboons, this thing I love about them its like working with dogs. If you treat them right, they love to be with you... they love the learn... they love to perform.”
“We always try to focus on things they really enjoy. That way when they go out and do the show they're getting rewarded for things they would naturally do and have fun doing anyway.”
“Mickey does a lot of back flips, which baboons do. They're also very affectionate.”
“Mickey can we show them how affectionate you are?.... can I have a huge? How about a kiss?... oh Mickey! That's not right."
Said Kevin Keith, Owner of Wild About Monkeys.

The star of the show, showing just exactly how wild, wild about monkey can be.

Wild About Monkeys will be performing every day of the fair... 3 times a day by the free stage.

The first show starts at 1, then at 4 and a final show of the day at 7:30.

The show is free for anyone, so come out and enjoy.

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