Women Having An Impact On Campaign 2012


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The presidential election is less than a week away and the female vote is becoming a major focus of Campaign 2012.

A Rutgers study found that women generally vote in greater numbers than men and with many issues affecting women taking center stage the past few weeks, it only makes sense we talk about the female impact.

Lucy Brazil–Wilkes is a member of the Magic Valley Republican Women.

"The women are wonderful. The President Billie Dinges...she has really sparked new life in the women."

Wilkes feels now's a very important time for women to make an impact.

"I think women have finally come to realize and come to be advocates of themselves. For a long time, we just let things go and this year it really makes a difference."

Jill Skeem, Co-Host, News Radio 1310 KLIX adds, "I think women are very interested in this election and they should be."

Skeem feels women are concerned about this election. One of her concerns is Mitt Romney's plan on healthcare.

Skeem says, "I think it's very disturbing that on his first day as president, he plans to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act when it's the exact same plan he passed in Massachusetts."

But for Wilkes, the democrat's stance on healthcare does not sit well with her.

"I find it offensive that they're focusing on our bodies instead of our minds and us as whole people and not just women," adds Wilkes.

When it comes to the issues, women are coming out in full force.
Skeem adds last time around, ten million more women came out to vote than men.

She says, "they're concerned about their families, they're concerned about healthcare, it's an important election."

While Wilkes feels, "we want jobs, we want safety and protections for our homes and country."

Voicing their concerns through their vote.

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