Wood River Middle School Excited About Upgrades


By Joey Martin

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Wood River Middle School is unveiling the newest addition to the school district.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News gives us a tour of the school's newest facilities.

In total the middle school has added 8,900 square feet of educational space.

And this project is only a fraction of the facility upgrades the Wood River School District has done.

Back in 2009, voters in Blaine County approved a 59.5 million dollar Plant Facility Levy.

We fast forward to today...

1.75 million of that levy has been used to make major improvements at Wood River Middle School.

"We had two sections built. One is a remodel and addition combination and the other ones just a strait addition."
Said Fritz Peters, Principal of Wood River Middle School.

As for the remodel and addition phase, the school focused on their growing special education program.

"We also added a brand new program coming to us called the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program where a number of kids came up from our elementary programs... so we just needed additional room."
Said Peters.

Along with the remodel, several new classrooms were a welcomed addition.

"Then the second phase was the addition of four classrooms. Its just more spacious.... The kids have their own space they can work in. and now the teachers have a room where they can spend during their planning period, re–do things in their room that they didn't have the ability to. So as we expand programming we need facilities to match that programming."
"Our community is very gracious in supporting the levy a number of years ago... and this was our part of the levy.”
Said Peters.

With the Middle School taking up only a fraction of that original 59.5 million dollar levy.
What else has the school district done with those funds?

"It funded several projects including safety and security and technology with new remodels of our front entry's... cameras throughout all of our school buildings. We had boilers that were as old as 40 years old in some of our schools. And we replaced heating and ventilation systems in some of our older schools through the Plant Facility Levy."
Said Heather Crocker, From the Blaine County School District.

"It's just a real gift in this county to have a community that is very supportive of education."
Said Peters.

A gift of education from the residents that call Blaine County home.

Another part of the remodel of the middle school was the courtyard.

Students there now have a safe outdoor learning environment.

With a clean walkway and landscaping to match.

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