Xavier Charter School Addresses Parents About Their Future


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Trisha Neudorff's kids go to Xavier charter school and she is hoping the school remains open.

"We moved here from Upstate New York a year and a half ago. So we had a certain level of expectations for education. We feel Xavier meets that level of education and it's something has worked out really well for our boys," said Trisha Neudorff.

Financial issues have plagued the charter school over the past several years. School officials were able to negotiate terms of their lease to ensure Xavier will remain open the rest of this school year.

"What we wanted to do tonight is provide information to our stakeholders about our current financial situation. A brief overview of where we've been, where we are at now, where we hope to go in the future and really put it up for a question and answer session for our stakeholders so that they could ask those questions. So we could get the answers to them and dispel any rumors that might be out there," said Thad Biggers, Xavier Principal.

School officials will meet with the Idaho Public Charter School Commission this coming Tuesday.

"We are working with our landlord to either purchase the building or reduce our lease in future years that we are more financially stable for next year and beyond," said Thad Biggers.

Neudorff remains hopeful that the school will remain open for her boys.

"For us if they have to go, then they go. They go to the home schools and that would be ok too. It's not that those schools are bad. They are just getting something at Xavier that they can't get there. Not that they don't get the same curriculum, that they aren't going to learn the same kinds of things, they are just learning in a different way that I think more suits our kids," said Trisha Neudorff.

The school board could find out as soon as February whether or not Xavier will continue to operate next school year.

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