Year 2: T.F.S.D. Dress Code


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With the Twin Falls School District set to get started on Monday, district staff are busy.

Joey martin for Idaho's First News joins us live from outside of Twin Falls High School.

Joey, last year the district implemented a new dress code.

How did it go?

And can students and parents expect any new changes this year?

The new dress code began to help students and parents understand the proper dress–attire for a day in the classroom.

And this year, it's pretty much the same.

"When everybody gets used to a new expectation it's a little easier to understand and follow the next year... so there's no changes."

Last year the twin falls school district implemented a district–wide dress code policy.

All students in the district must follow the same set of rules.

"There were no major issues. It was received very well by our students. It put a little more consistency and understanding for everybody to establish expectations for the Twin Falls School District. And it was really well received."
Said Dan Vogt, Pricipal at Twin Falls High School.

As we move into the second year of the new dress code. A few minor tweaks were made to clarify a few specific areas.

But the guidelines still remain the same.

"The length of the skirts and shorts was a mid thigh... which left a lot of subjectivity to that. The expectation of now of just above the knee was al little bit easier to understand."
Said Vogt.

"Student who are wearing leggings or jeggings... as long as they're not see–through their skirts or shorts can be mid thigh. If they don't have anything underneath then they still have to be right about the knee."
Said Danielle Barzee, Associate Principal at O’Leary Middle School.

As for those incoming freshmen, the change from middle school to high school is a big adjustment.

"you always have some who are going to challenge the status quo. I think the high school is going to see a it a little. You're going to have some who are comfortable... they like the dress code."
Said Barzee.

"Our middle schools have the same policy... they understand it and a lot of these kids have older brothers and sisters and they're the role models. So they'll fall in line very well."
Said Vogt.

Falling in line... Getting the future leaders of tomorrow to dress for success today.

If you would like to view the entire twin falls school district dress code policy.

Click on the link below…

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