Yearly Fire Hydrant Test In Twin Falls


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) - Over the next few days in Twin Falls if you see a fire truck outside your house, don't worry.

Starting Monday and continuing into Tuesday, crews from the Twin Falls Fire Department will be doing their yearly checks on around 20 percent of the cities fire hydrants.

With freezing temperatures on the horizon the city uses this as an early opportunity to not only make sure the hydrants are working properly but with the numbers they get back they are able to estimate the departments insurance rates for the upcoming year.

We caught up with one of these crews on Monday and asked what exactly is going on during one of these test.

"Were hooked to two different fire hydrants. There is a test hydrant and a flow hydrant, the hydrant that's flowing will be flowing water and we'll get the readings off of this hydrant here, which is the test hydrant. Which will give us the residual and a static pressure. And with those numbers we can calculate a water flow" said Capitan Scott Widner

Currently there are about 2,500 hydrants within Twin Falls city limits.

All 2,500 hydrants are tested on a 5 year rotation.

With last years test, the Fire Department found there were around 70 hydrants that needed to be replaced.

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