YouTube, A Resource For Pre-Missionaries


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) If you're planning on taking an LDS mission, chances are you have questions about your trip. A BYU graduate made it convenient for pre–missionaries to get the resources they need, from the comforts of their own home.

Twin Falls resident Jacob Wickern leaves for his mission in April. The destination? Paris, France.

"I really wanted to go to England and that's right across the water from France. I hadn't taken any French in high school so it was kind of surprising, kind of like wow, I'm going to speak the language...otherwise I'm really excited to go out there, meet the new people and have fun," adds Wickern.

Wickern isn't just staying in France, his mission takes him all over the map.

He explains his "mission also includes the southern half of Belgium and Luxembourg so it kind of covers three countries, our goal is to bring the joy of the gospel."

Alex Balinski served a mission in Argentina back in 2008. He founded Prepare to Serve, the website has more than 15,000 YouTube videos and the YouTube site features more than 3,000 clips with interviews from returned missionaries.

Balinski says, "it's clear to use we need to conduct our efforts on conducting interviews with returned missionaries and uploading it to YouTube so they can effectively have the experience sitting down with returned missionaries from their missions."

Wickern adds, "I went ahead on looked on it several times and from that, I've been able to see the videos he's had on there, a lot of them you can even check specific countries, states, kind of all round mission preparedness things."

A project that could potentially benefits thousands of LDS members around the world.

The channel recently reached more than 100 hours of video content with more than 130 interviews from LDS returned missionaries. The goal is at least 250 interviews by the end of the year.

Log onto the Prepare to Serve website by clicking here.

Log onto the YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Log onto the website with the interviews with returned missionaries by clicking here.

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