Youth Safety: A Top Priority


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV /KSVT-TV ) New changes in youth safety is a focus for the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation office.

This year, all coaches will be required to wear ID badges at all times when they are on the field.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News tells us why these adjustments couldn't come at a better time.

Keeping the kids that participate in many the city of Twin Falls recreation sports safe is top priority.

And this year, requiring all coaches to wear clear and visible id badges was a step the department felt was a no brainer.

"This ID badge kind of shows the public that these certain people have... that are past our background check are ok to be out working with our youth."
Said Stacey McClintock, The Recreation Supervisor of the Twin Falls Parks and Rec Department.

For year the Twin Falls Parks and Rec Department has preformed background checks on all of their coaches.

Which the department is very proud of.

But there was still a downside.

"not everybody knows, especially our officials that are out there, they don't know exactly which coaches have passed the background check. So the ID badges kind of is clear... hey, this person can be on the field or in the gym or in contact with the kids because they are clear to go."
Said, McClintock.

For one of those coaches, on the idea of being issued an id badge... He had mixed emotions.

But on a whole, knows it's what's best for the kids.

"My first thought was... it's going to be harder to get help this year knowing all of the steps I'll have to go through to accomplish it. But at the same time, it will be safer for the kids and more peace of mind for the parents."
Said Youth Coach, Matt Hartgrave.

Another new addition to the field this year is some different signage you might not have seen in years prior.

"In the past we've had a lot of problems with spectators not being respectful of our umpires. People need to remember that these are youth coaches... they are volunteer coaches. We have 14 to 20 year old kids officiating. So this is just a friendly reminder to say 'hey, you know what'... let's just take a step back, relax.... Everybody is human and let just enjoy. These are kids and it's supposed to be fun"
Said McClintock.

Taking small and proper steps to ensure the youth of the twin falls parks and recreation community have a safe and fun experience.

For more information on Twin Falls Parks and Recreation.

Log onto the city of Twin Falls website at WWW.TFID.ORG

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