iPad Use Linked to Allergic Reaction to Nickel


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

An 11–year old boy in San Diego suffered a severe allergic reaction to the metal found in his iPad.

As skin allergies become more common, and iPads more prevalent, is this something that parents need to worry about?

In the case of the 11-year-old boy, he was bothered with a generalized rash for more than six months.

The incident has people wondering how tablets and personal devices affect health.

M.D. Richard Henry with Asthma & Allergy of Idaho in Twin Falls explains, "an 11 year old boy had a rash on his hands that stumped the doctors for 6 months and they finally determined it was a nickel sensitivity."

Recent research suggests that 16 percent of children have some sensitivity to nickel.

In half of these cases, those affected develop a rash.

Henry adds, “Nickel allergy is very prevalent especially among women with jewelry. It surprised me a little bit because we are seeing it more now with children. There is about a 10–15 % increase in sensitivity to nickel so it is becoming more prevalent."

So far Apple has declined to comment whether or not there is nickel in the iPad or any other of their products. But unlike food products, there is no requirement for allergens to be listed for electronics
Signs of an allergy include a rash, itchiness, redness of the skin, or in some cases, blisters.

Doctors say now that they are aware of the problem, nickel testing will most likely be done more frequently.

Dermatologists diagnose nickel allergies through a skin patch test.
If you have a nickel allergy, doctors recommend purchasing an outside case for your electronic devices.

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