iPads Enhance Learning For Kindergarten Class


By Aimee Burnett

HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT-TV) - A local kindergarten class is using Apple technology to improve their reading and vocabulary.

For the students in Mrs. Boatwright's kindergarten class at Hailey Elementary School, technology and learning go hand–in–hand.

Thanks to a grant, the classroom now has 15 iPads equipped with apps designed to improve the children’s vocabulary, spelling, reading skills and math, allowing Boatwright to fit the individual needs of each student.

"I have struggling readers that are learning letters and sounds that I can customize those lessons, just geared toward them. I have some readers that are reading at a 1st and 2nd grad level, so I can customize those applications to them," said Jennifer Boatwright, a kindergarten teacher at Hailey Elementary School.

One of the benefits of working with the iPad is it gives kids immediate feedback and their able to monitor their own success.

"It takes them beyond where I can just teach them that day. They can just keep going on and learning more and more on their own," said Boatwright.

One of the greatest benefits Boatwright has seen...

"Those passive learners are now engaged so their not just sitting back watching everybody, their active participants in their learning,” said Boatwright.

Principal Tom Bailey encourages all of his teachers to look for new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

"We're immigrants their natives in the world of technology. It's their world so we have to let them expand that," said Principal Tom Bailey, Hailey Elementary School.

"It surely is a great tool. It's a good resource for teachers. Of course, it's not going to replace a good teacher," said Boatwright.

Molding young minds, one app at a time.

The iPads have been such a huge success, Boatwright plans on applying for more this year, enough for every child in her class.

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