iSchool In Paul Takes The Next Step


By Jay Michaels

Paul, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Last month we told you that Paul Elementary School is the first iSchool in the state of Idaho. Now teachers there are in the middle of a three-day training session to find out how to use iPad tablet computers to teach their students.

Part of the iSchool Campus program is showing teachers how to use technology along with their other teaching methods. The good news is these tablet computers can only be used for their lessons.

Dr. Gloria Totoricaguena of Smart Schools Initiative says, "The iPads are locked down, and so the security filters that are used in these iPads through this program are very important."

The students will also need to learn how to protect their online privacy, by not revealing their names, addresses, phone numbers, and passwords.

Sally Linford of iKeepSafe says, "So we like to talk a lot about ethical issues, like plagiarism, piracy, cyber bullying, just being a good player online, contributing to a community in a successful way."

The students will also need to protect their reputations and their relationships online. The teachers can send specific lessons or information to the rest of the iPads in their classrooms. Overall, the program will provide a very secure network.

Totoricaguena says, "So it's very much focused on academic merit, on learning. The games and the other methods that are used for learning, that will be used digitally, are all educational applications."

The teachers at Paul Elementary should be ready to start using their iPads to teach their students by sometime early next month.

Oct. 11, 2012.

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