iSchool Update From Paul Elementary School


By Jay Michaels

Paul, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Last fall, Paul Elementary School students and teachers were given iPads. The school is finding out how technology can help teachers increase the educational proficiency and digital literacy of all students.

5-th grader Greyson Harwood says, “It makes learning fun and easier, I think.”

His classmate Liberty Schaeffer says, “On the iPads, you memorize stuff. Because you're doing it yourself, instead of a teacher writing it on the board and you have to write it in your notebook.”

Teachers can control what students can and can't do on their classroom iPads.

Principal Colleen Johnson points out the computers don't replace any of the teachers, and every lesson still comes directly from the school's curriculum goals.

Johnson says, “We really engage the students in a different type of learning. I think that you're going to see education change dramatically in the next three years.”

Thanks to the iSchool program, teachers don't need to order text books or photocopy work sheets.

5-th grade teacher Ashley Johnson says, “We've definitely cut down on the amount of papers. I haven't copied anything for quite a while. The kids can do their assignments and turn them into me. I can sit at my computer, I can correct them, and that grade goes right back to them.”

These computing tools allow the students to apply their problem solving skills creatively by exploring different ways of getting information and learning more quickly.

Over 100 teachers visited Paul Elementary, and took these teaching methods back to their own students.

May 14, 2013.

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