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Top State & Regional Story

Texas: Woman Breaks Window To Save Baby In Hot Car

San Antonio, Texas (CNN) It's a case of what would you do? A baby is left inside a car, in the late summer heat at a HEB parking lot. Would you save the child? Angela Radtke, A Good Samaritan "I busted out a front window of a car in order to get a baby out that was locked in the car." Angela Radtke said she didn't hesitate to take action, even as others told... Read more »

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Why Is It So Smokey

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Thursday afternoon skies darkened to a very light grey and visibility dropped across the region. This caused many people across southern Idaho to call Idaho's First... Read More »

Complete Subdivision Burned Due To Wildfire

Weed, California (CNN) - The boles fire has destroyed most of a subdivision in the town of weeds. Anjali Hemphill surveyed the damage. ... Read More »

Lawsuit Targets Online Ammo Retailers Following Theater Shooting

Aurora, Colorado (CNN) - They lost their daughter in the aurora theater shootings two years ago. And now they say someone besides the shooter needs to be held accountable. Jessica Ghawi's parents... Read More »

Restaurant Celebrates 96th Birthday Of Customer Who's Eaten There Nearly Every Day For 50 Years

Bakersfield, California (CNN) - A man in his 90's has a "cheers" of his own in Bakersfield, California. It's a coffee shop and diner where everyone knows his name. That's because he's gone to eat there... Read More »

Crest Toothpaste Controversial Ingredient

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - A dental hygienist in phoenix noticed something strange in the mouths of her patients -- and spoke up about it. Now a toothpaste manufacturer is taking action. Stephanie Hockridge... Read More »

Boise Police Investigate Stabbing At Fast Food Restaurant

Boise, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - An early morning stabbing at a fast food restaurant has led to the arrest of a Boise man. Authorities say the stabbing was reported at 5:27 am this Wednesday morning.... Read More »

Land Board Boosts Payments

Boise, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Idaho’s public school system and a number of other State institutions will receive increased payouts from Idaho endowment assets in fiscal year (FY) 2016. The State... Read More »

Two People On Motorcycle Injured When Police Officer Quickly Turns Vehicle Around

Meridian, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Two people riding on a motorcycle were seriously injured when a Boise County patrol car begin the process of turning around in the middle of the road to attempt... Read More »

Unruly Train Passenger Fights Cop

Pittsburg, California (CNN) - Some are questioning whether a BART officer used excessive force -- when he slammed a woman to the floor. The incident was caught on camera. Jeff Bush has the story. ... Read More »

Jodi Arias In Court With Same Lawyer

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - Jodi Arias was back in a Phoenix courtroom Monday. The first thing was to request that she not represent herself. Mike Watkiss has the story. ... Read More »

Surfer Attacked By Great White Shark

Manresa State Beach, California (CNN) - California man gets knocked off his surf board by a great white shark. Brynne Whittaker talked with the surfer. ... Read More »

Are Apple Pay And Other NFC Payments Safe?

New York, New York ( CNN ) Apple wants you to use your phone, and even your watch, to pay for your shopping. The tech company unveiled Apple Pay as part of its announcement of the iPhone 6, 6plus and... Read More »

Britain Vows To "Confront" The Isis "Menace"

London, United Kingdom ( CNN ) British Prime Minister David Cameron says the U.K. will support the "direct military action" of the United States against ISIS. Saturday the terrorist group released a video... Read More »

Oregon: 36 Pit Fire Grows To 1000 Acres

Portland, Oregon ( CBS ) Target shooters may be responsible for a rapidly spreading fire along the Clackamas River near the Lazy Bend Campground. The 30-acre fire along Highway 224 is burning on a steep... Read More »

Meridian woman: 19-month-old grandson 'had no skull' after abuse

Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) A toddler is fighting for his life, and his grandmother is sharing her story after she found the boy, severely hurt in a Meridian home. Rachel Burton says the man who abused her grandson... Read More »

National Guard Alleged Rape Victim Speaks

Anchorage, Alaska (CNN) - Last week, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell released the results of a National Guard bureau assessment of the Alaska National Guard. The report exposed a lack of confidence in... Read More »

Big Cleanup Effort Underway Following Flood In Nevada

Moapa, Nevada (CNN) - As the floodwaters recede, Moapa Nevada residents are in the midst of a muddy cleanup. Michael Lopardi has the story. ... Read More »

Stolen Seahawks Gnome Comes Home

Tumwater, Washington (CNN) - Who would steal a garden gnome and return it six months later? The die-hard Seahawks fans who lost their gnome are completely mystified by where it spent all that time. Mark... Read More »

911 Dispatchers In Napa California Shine In Efforts To Keep A City Calm

Napa, California (CNN) - Police in Napa, California have released recordings of 9-1-1 calls made in the first half hour after that powerful earthquake hit last month. You can hear the fear and confusion... Read More »

Computer Hackers Use E-Mail To Hijack Business Computers

Colfax, California (CNN) - You open an e-mail that looks normal. Turns out it was a virus that a hacker used to hijack your business. It happened to a business owner in Colfax California. Anjali... Read More »

Police Investigate Cop Attacks

Waipahu, Hawaii (CNN) - Police are investigating one of their one after an officer is caught on tape allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Keoki Ker has the story. ... Read More »

Students Left In The Dark

Albuquerque, New Mexico (CNN) - Some students at central New Mexico community college claim the school is --literally-- leaving them in the dark. They say they can't get anyone to turn on the lights... Read More »

Mountain Lion Killed After Attacking Boy

Cupertino, California (CNN) - Authorities have found and killed the mountain lion they believe attacked a six-year-old boy in the hills above Cupertino, California over the weekend. Betty Yu has the... Read More »

School Changes "Mighty Arabs" Mascot

Thermal, California (CNN) - Coachella valley high school in California has a new mascot, logo and nickname. The changes come after months of controversy over the school's mascot with the Arab anti-discrimination... Read More »

Deputy Suspended For Using Taekwondo On Inmate

Denver, Colorado (CNN) - A Colorado deputy has been suspended after a video from a jail shows him using some Taekwando moves on an inmate. Whitney Wild has the story. ... Read More »

Flooding Impacts The Paiute Reservation

Moapa, Nevada (CNN) - Flood waters flowed into a Nevada Indian reservation. Now the people that live there are busy cleaning up all the messes. Aaron Drawhorn has the story.... Read More »

Senator Jim Risch Weighs In To President’s Message About ISIS

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Following President Obama’s speech about ISIS, Senator Jim Risch spoke with Idaho’s First News. He said although he agrees something needs to be done, the president... Read More »

Idaho Public Health Officials Closely Monitor Respiratory Infections

Boise, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Idaho Public Health officials are working closely with hospitals, public health districts, laboratories and healthcare providers to identify any possible clusters... Read More »

Movie Inspires Girl To Use Prosthetics

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - A girl in Arizona is showing off her new legs. As Pat McReynolds reports, the girl got the idea of the type of prosthetics’ she wanted from the move Dolphin’s Tail. ... Read More »

Prowler Turns Out To Be A Bear

Issaquah, Washington (CNN) - A family worried a prowler was on their property was shocked when they discovered the bad guy was not a person, but a black bear. The Grumm family had no idea the bear had... Read More »

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