Gas Prices Soar To Almost 6 Dollars


By Paul Johnson

Calabasas, California (CNN) - California drivers are experiencing sticker shock.
Gas prices went up more than eight cents from Wednesday into Thursday.
Customers in Calabasas paid more than five-50 for a gallon of regular unleaded.
"I have never seen 5.99, almost six dollars a gallon. That's insane."
"It's a really terrible week for gas prices and the worst we have ever had in October that I can remember."
"They let the supplies get down to record lows and then we had a couple of things happen this week, a power outage in Torrance and then reportedly a pipeline up in Central Valley closed down due to contamination and both of those incidents set the wholesale market for gasoline into a big panic and we saw gas prices go up over four dollars a gallon on the wholesale market yesterday."
"It's going to be hard to go to the story pretty soon."
"I don't know how everyone can make it these days."
"There's people that come in, you know, and they ask what's going on with the gas prices and we explain it to them, but they're just...everybody's just so amazed by the prices, but we just have no choice. We could take it all down and just have no gas or we have to just charge that. We have no option."
Experts blame the price hike on refinery outages.
Gas prices in Southern California are about 57 cents per gallon higher than the national average.
According to A-A-A, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is 3-78.

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