Doctor's Put Skull Inside Teenager's Stomach To Recover From Brain Injury


By Paul Johnson

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - An Arizona teenager is recovering after doctors removed part of his skull and put it inside of his stomach as part of a delicate surgery.
15-year-old Jake Falletich was hit by a car while riding his bike in January.
The right side of his skull was crushed and his brain started swelling.
Doctors removed part of his skull and put it inside his abdomen for safe keeping until the swelling went down.
"I'm just amazed at how like this can happen. You can take any bone or body part and put it in your stomach and keep it alive. And like live without it for a couple of months."
On Monday, doctors replaced the skull back over Falletich's brain.
Doctors expect him to be back to near normal.
Doctors can also freeze the skull, but they say there's less chance of the bone getting infected when it's within its own body.

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