Marijuana Legalization Passes In Washington


By Paul Johnson

Seattle, Washington (CNN) - Starting in just about a month, some marijuana users in Washington state won't have to hide from the law. "You cannot be arrested for being in possession of an ounce of marijuana."
Last night, Washington became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use.
Supporters of Initiative-502, as it was called, cheered after the election results.
The new law proposes a steep tax on the drug -- about 40 percent.
Lawmakers say it will take a year to get the tax system set up.
In the meantime, starting December 6-th, it will be legal for anyone over 21 to posses an ounce or less of marijuana.
Some experts suggest the initiative will be challenged in the Supreme Court, since marijuana is still illegal under federal law.
Colorado also passed marijuana legalization last night.

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