Hostess Asks A Bankrutpcy Court For Permission To Shutter Its Operations


By Paul Johnson

Los Angeles, California (CNN) - Hostess Brands is asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations.
The company, with more than 18-thousand employees, is the maker of such iconic brands as Twinkie, Devil Dogs, and Wonder Bread.
But an extended strike by the baker's union over a new contract is forcing Hostess to shutter its operations.
Salvador Perez is with the union and says he's hopeful it's not the end of the line for workers.
We understand that there is, you know, someone out there that might be interested in this company. This is a company that's been here for many years. We're hoping someone is able to purchase this company, you know work with our union members
If Hostess goes under, it will take 18-thousand-500 jobs with it... including 33-bakeries, 565-distribution centers and 570-outlet stores.

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