Casper Police Chief Says The Dead Professor Was A Hero


By Paul Johnson

Casper, Wyoming (CNN) - The police chief in Casper, Wyoming says the college professor who was killed yesterday in class, was a hero.
Police say Christopher Krumm shot his father with a bow and arrow after killing the older man's girlfriend.
The chief says Jim Krumm fought back after he was injured, enabling the students to run.
The suspect stepped into the classroom where Professor Krumm was getting ready to begin the day, fired one arrow and struck the professor in the head. Professor Krumm got up after being knocked down from the blow from the arrow, and even though mortally wounded, he fought the suspect off. The students in the room were all able to escape during the altercation because of the courage of the professor.
Police say the younger Krumm killed himself.
They don't have a motive for the violence, but say he drove from his Connecticut home to Wyoming with the intention of killing.

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