Aurora Police Officers Lift Car Off Mom,Toddler


By Paul Johnson

Denver, Colorado (CNN) - It was a terrifying scene in Colorado after a mom and her two-year-old daughter were pinned underneath a car.
It happened Monday while the mother was crossing a street in Aurora with her three children.
A car hit the mom and her toddler, leaving them trapped underneath.
Her two other children were not hit.
Two police officers and a few good Samaritans rushed to the scene and lifted the one-ton vehicle off the mother and her child.
Now, the officers are speaking out about the scary moments.
"Sergeant Kessler was still working with the victims trying to get them out, but they were definitely trapped under the car. And because of their position I didn't think we had any time to waste. so I determined that we're going to just lift the car off of them and be able to get them out so we can try to make sure they're breathing and keep them alive. I began to do that and ask for citizen help. there were quite a few citizens around and people jumped in and it went up very easily."
"Well, the mother was -- she was unconscious at the time. She was on her side. she had her arms wrapped around the two-year-old. the little two-year-old was a awake, but we couldn't get her out until the car lifted because her mom had a hold of her and was pinned underneath the car. So, once the car came up, we were able it to get both of them out." Both the mom and the toddler were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive.
Police say the driver of the car was going the speed limit and will not likely be charged in the accident.
They say the mother and her children were walking outside a crosswalk when the wreck happened.

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