Family Relieved Woman Found In Snowy Sierra Was Found Alive


By Paul Johnson

Citrus Heights, California (CNN) - The family of a Nevada woman is happy she's alive after being stuck in the snowy mountains for nearly a week.
Paula Lane and her boyfriend, Rod Clifton, were driving to her Gardnerville home last week when their vehicle got stuck in a snow drift.
Clifton left to get help but never returned.
His body was found Wednesday night.
Lane's family members went to search for the pair and found her crawling along a highway the same day.
Lane's sister expressed her relief Thursday.
"Right now, my sister is doing well, which you all know. I'm trying to keep composure because we've been through a lot in my nephews, my mom...and we're very happy that she made it. It's been a rough haul waiting all those days trying to know if she made it or not."
Lane was malnourished and had frostbite on her toes.
Doctors say she survived on tomatoes the couple had with them and by sheltering in a hollowed-out tree.
Authorities say the couple was in such a remote area, their cellphones didn't have reception.

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