Liquor By Mail



Seattle, Washington (KOMO) A new law may make trips to the liquor store less frequent for some. For the first time, Washingtonians can get hard booze by mail.

For years you could only ship beer and wine to your home, but now,
Just in time for the holidays...

David LeClaire, a liquor store owner says, "you'll be able to get liquor delivered straight to your front door step – yep – here it is..."

The state liquor control board tells me, with the privatization of liquor sales, licensed dealers can now ship or deliver hard liquor to anyone 21 or older and many are already set–up to sell it online.

"For us – given that we have 2000–spirit it's going to be very convenient."

Liquor store owner David LeClaire tells me the new rule will mean big business for him – especially being able to drive it to someone's door,

LeClaire adds, "like there was a gentleman who was thrilled that we would bring him a deliver because he's can't get out of the house because he's wheelchair bound."

But, a big question for David and other stores is how to stop kids from ordering it and having it delivered.

"A lot of young people have access to credit cards and use them..."

Commander Doug Hansen tells me the new rule has the whole Mountlake Terrace Police Department is concerned.

Comr. Doug Hansen, Mountlake Terrace Police Department says,"how are you going to check to make sure that these individuals are actually 21 when they're receiving the item."

I asked Fed Ex that question and they say they don't ship hard liquor.
UPS says they won't ship hard liquor at all, even if it's from a licensed dealer.

"I don't see any public safety issue... It's just a convenience issue more.., adds Judy Lewis, State Liquor Control Officer.

State liquor control officer Judy Lewis says ultimately it's up to the company delivering the booze and the person receiving the booze to follow the law–21 years or older.

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