Senator Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban


By Paul Johnson

California (CNN) - In the wake of the Connecticut elementary school shooting...
Senator Dianne Feinstein said today (Sunday) she plans to re-introduce a bill next month banning assault weapons.
The California Democrat told N-B-C's "Meet the Press" it's time to increase gun regulation.
Diane: "Is this the way we want America to go? In other words, the rights of the few overcome the safety of the majority. I don't think so. I think America is ready. They're going to have an opportunity with this bill. I'm going to ask and spend my time and create a committee across this nation to support it."
David: ("Will the president speak out on it, in favor of it do you believe?:)
Diane: "I believe he will. Look, we crafted the last bill. It was right out of my office. And we're crafting this one. And it's being done with care. It will be ready on the first day. I'll be announcing House authors. And we'll be prepared to go. And I hope the nation will really help."
Feinstein helped champion the 19-94 assault weapons ban singed into law by President Bill Clinton.
The measure expired a decade later.
Democrats have tried several times since then to renew the ban, without success.

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