Man Tries To Rob Papa Johns But Has Change Of Heart


By Paul Johnson

Helena, Montana (CNN) - A man who tried to rob a pizza place walked away with food instead of cash after having a change of heart.
Police in Helena, Montana, say the suspect changed his mind about robbing a Papa John's Pizza as the clerk was getting out the money to give him.
They say the would-be robber broke down in tears and told the clerk he was robbing the place to feed his wife and children.
The clerk talked to him for a few minutes, then decided to make the man a pizza and some chicken wings -- as the guy waited at a table. "In Helena, I don't recall recently something like this has happened. We have had a few in the past where people have changed their minds. But actually sitting down and waiting for the food and that sort of thing, no."
The clerk gave the suspect the food and the man left.
Police are looking for him.
They say he had a knife, but since he never threatened anyone with it, they're not sure what to charge him with.

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