Flying Cars May Soon Hit Dealership


By Paul Johnson

Sacramento, California (CNN) - Flying cars...
They're not just the vehicles of science-fiction films and the Jetson's anymore.
A company in California has developed what it calls the "Skycar"...
And now the inventor has financial backers in the U-S and China to help get production rolling.
This Skycar model, now being wind tunnel tested, will be the first aircraft to come from the new joint venture.
The Skycar 200 is designed for short distance, low level flight and can be driven on a street at 30 miles per hour.
It's classified as light sports aviation so anyone can drive it.
The first two passenger skycar version, similar to this, will take about a year until first deliveries.
It will not require a pilot's license. It will require what's called a pilots certificate which is like a driver's license.
Dr. Moller says he has buyers ready and waiting for the first two aircraft.

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