82 Year Old Man Tackles Burglary Suspect


By Paul Johnson

Longview, Washington (CNN) An 82-year old former football player is getting some kudos from police in Longview, Washington. Officers there say Terry Miracle was weeding in his garden Friday when a burglary suspect ran into his yard during a police pursuit.
65-years after his high school football days -- Miracle's training kicked in -- specifically how to do a cross-body block.
And I said to myself, foolishly I think, I can can do that! And I started running to intercept him right about there, and he was still looking back when I started running so he didn't, and when he finally looked back I was almost on top of him, and that startled him quite a bit.
While he missed the 27-year old with the tackle -- Miracle remembered to lift his leg at the last moment and tripped the suspect.
Police quickly moved in and arrested the suspect.

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