Authorities Hail Courage Of 9-Year-Old Girl After SUV Crash


By Paul Johnson

Acton, California (CNN) - Police are applauding the courage of a little girl in the aftermath of a crash in Southern California.
They say she trekked through rough terrain and even climbed a cliff to get help for her father, who ultimately did not survive.
Authorities say the father lost control of his S-U-V on Sierra Highway early Sunday morning.
It went tumbling 200 feet down a canyon and landed at the bottom of a ravine.
Police explained what happened next.
The young lady was 9 years old, and she survived the collision. She noticed that her father was unresponsive and so she felt compelled to go try to render aid for him.
Police say the girl walked in nearly pitch-black surroundings along difficult terrain.
She went to a nearby house, and when no one came to the door, she returned to the scene to check on her dad, who was still unconscious.
She then scaled the steep cliff to get up to the highway. She walked about a mile, then someone stopped to help.
The girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
Police are still investigating the crash.

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